Advantages of Seal Coating

Pavement sealing, commonly known as seal coating, is the application of a protective coating to asphalt pavements. This can include driveways, parking lots, and more. Seal coating offers a layer of protection against the elements, such as UV rays. It also helps keep your asphalt pavement appealing and functional.  

The advantages of seal coating outweigh the price of applying it. If you wish to know more about seal coating and its process, make sure you visit

However, if you simply want to know its benefits, here are some of them: 

Saves Money 

A lot of paving contractors say that a bucket of seal coat prevention is worth more than a lot of paving repairs. For those who don’t know, paving replacement or repairs cost around several dollars per square foot. On the other hand, seal coating only costs pennies per square foot. That is why the cost of seal coating your driveway or parking lot periodically throughout its life is more affordable compared to replacing it before its expected lifespan.  

Improves the Lifespan of Your Pavement 

This is perhaps one of the most useful benefits that you can get from seal coating. Since seal coating keeps your asphalt from regular wear and tear, your driveway or parking lot will last for a long period. This is particularly true if you seal coat periodically.  

Enables for Easier Cleanup 

You can compare seal coating to wax on your vehicle. Wax produces a smooth surface that resists dirt and spills. Thus, it will be easy for you to clean your car if it gets dirty. This is the same with seal coating. If you seal coat your asphalt surface, you can easily clean it if it gets dirty.  

Avoids Asphalt Cracking 

Gas, oil, air, water, sun, and other environmental elements can cause cracks in your asphalt. If cracks exist in your pavement, water can seep below it and deteriorate the base of your pavement. Over time, it can weaken the whole structure. Since seal coating protects asphalt from these elements, you can avoid cracks as well. 

Resist Gas and Oil Spills 

Gas and oil spills usually happen in driveways and parking lots. Unluckily, asphalt is made of the same material as gas and oil. That is why these liquids will combine with the binder and deteriorate the asphalt. It leaves your surface prone to damages. Seal coating produces a barrier to prevent gas and oil from deteriorating the asphalt.  

Avoid Oxidization 

The UV rays of the sun and the surrounding air will also weaken the binder of your asphalt. This process is known as oxidation. It can result in your asphalt becoming dull and brittle. Cracks will develop more quickly and spread more easily. Nobody can stop oxidation. However, you can slow it down with seal coating.  

Protects from Water and Sun Exposure 

Seal coating protects your asphalt against the elements. Keep in mind that the oil component that binds the materials together will break down if it is exposed to water and the sun. Over time, nothing will bind the materials. Thus, it can result in cracks and deterioration.