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I AM...

A Photographer

A Artist

A Dreamer

A Writer

A Teacher

A Believer

A Husband

A Father

A Creator

10 Things About Me

I was raised in the south, so I say "Sir" or Ma'am" regardless of your age

I am married to a very patient wife

I have two sons, both are a lot smarter than I am

I love Great Danes, my current two are named Oracle and Grayson

I firmly believe that peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are comfort food

I tell bad jokes with style

I believe in helping people

I went through a plate glass window as a police officer

I was a Batman fan before being a Batman fan was cool

I firmly believe that talents are given for purpose

Even More About Me

The first and most important rule of photography that I learned is that it is always about people. With that knowledge I bring a long and successful history of working with people from all walks of life from CEO's of companies to people living on the streets. Born in the south and raised in Florida, I have lived my entire life in the southeastern states. I learned traditions such as saying Ma'am and Sir regardless of age, and the joy of eating southern fried chicken. While other kids played sports, I always was creating something. As a child I created stories around my toys, most of which were influenced by the four color comic books my mother wish I never read. Even today my work is influenced by the stories and color dynamic of my childhood memories.

Currently my wife and I live in a rural location south of Birmingham, AL which allows me to reach most of the major southern cities in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida in a day or less drive. This makes it simple for me to cover a wide geographic area and keep your expenses in budget. But don't let that make you think I only work in the south. I love travel and my wife enjoys getting me out of the house, so wherever you are I am always happy to come to you.

If you have a project I can be of help to you on, please feel free to call or write. You can email or call me directly at 334.797.1389. I look forward to helping you on your next projects. 


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